Next Generation Cold Food Import Safety Management Platform

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A Next Generation Cold Food Import Safety Management Platform has been developed by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) using blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The platform stores digitized import documents and container tracking data, like e-lock status, temperature & Global Positioning System (GPS) route, on the blockchain. Under the system, those granted access rights (including regulators, farms, processing plants, importers and exporters) share the same documents and data for consistency. GPS is used to record the driving routes, while data generated by an advanced electronic lock monitoring the container door and thermometer monitoring the inside temperature can be uploaded to the system platform and stored on the blockchain in real time.

With the support of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) and a cold food importer, ASTRI conducted system trials with the real consignment on the routes between a processing plant on the Mainland and the Man Kam To Control Point in February and March 2021. ASTRI is optimizing the platform based on the trials, and has shared the trial results with the relevant departments on the Mainland and in Hong Kong in anticipation of further discussions on the development of the platform.

CFISM’s Fintech Portal Demonstration Site

In this demonstration, consignments of chilled poultry are transported to Hong Kong by an importer from the processing plant. Health certifications and import licences are required to import chilled poultry to Hong Kong. When the consignment arrives in Hong Kong, the Man Kam To Food Control Office inspects the documents and the consignment. CFISM simplified the process and reduced the inspection rate using blockchain and IoT technology.

After logging in to CFISM, you will see a list of import licences.
The details of the import licence, including the temperature, location and e-lock status can be viewed by clicking the details button.
The details of the import licence
E-lock status

If your company is interested in experiencing the whole data flow of the consignments and the capability of the platform, you are welcome to enter the testing platform via the following link.

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