Financial Technologies (FinTech) is one of the cornerstones of the sector’s continued growth. Advanced FinTech solutions make financial services faster, more reliable, and more secure. They make it easier for banks, insurers and other financial service providers to cater to the needs of their customers and lets the customers in turn access their accounts and information in a far more intuitive way. We work to deliver innovative technologies with applications in the financing sector – our FinTech teams develop solutions that leverage Blockchain technology, strengthen cybersecurity, make sense of big data, and provide valuable proofs-of-concept that benefit the entire financial industry. As one of Hong Kong’s strongest FinTech R&D groups, we are committed to helping drive the sector’s growth into a new era and help contributing to the development of Hong Kong as an international financial hub.


ASTRI R&D in Blockchain


Trusted Data Exchanges Framework

Artificial Intelligence ESG Analytic System

Financial Document Analysis (FDA) System

Intelligent Document Processing

Next Generation Cold Food Import Safety Management Platform

Smart Engines for Alternative Credit Scoring

Smart Virtual Agent