ASTRI R&D in blockchain

ASTRI identifies and designs innovative & unique usage of blockchain systems and hardware accelerators with expertise in cryptography, security, AI, distributed computing, network protocol design.

1. Identity NFT

Secure identity verification platform for Web3 and Metaverse Systems

Identity NFT (Non-Fungible Token) represents a unique identity with privacy protection using blockchain and cryptography technologies. It establishes connections between its owner’s identities across virtual worlds, blockchains, and the real world. It incorporates a zero-knowledge proof mechanism for authentication of NFT ownership. The NFT contains the owner’s credentials issued by trusted issuers. Its self-sovereign identity technology enables the owner to selectively reveal his credentials. The owner may also choose to prove that his credentials match certain criteria without revealing the credentials content.

2. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Platform implementing central bank issued digital currency for wholesale and retail transactions

ASTRI collaborates with HKMA and BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in developing e-HKD digital currency proof-of-concept system. The system supports e-HKD interbank and retail transactions. The system provides the benefits of safety, efficiency, and openness to innovation and interoperability. The system is built with blockchain technology for system integrity. Mobile phone eWallet is provided to allow the end-users to conduct retail payment transactions in their daily activities. HKMA has invited banking and fintech industries to join the innovation and build various e-HKD applications on the CBDC proof-of-concept sandbox.

Medical Insurance Claim Blockchain

Platform to prevent insurance fraud and to speed up insurance claim processing

Zero-Knowledge-Proof Transaction Processing

Hardware accelerator for privacy protection cryptographic operation

Cross-system Blockchain Transaction Processing

Framework connecting blockchain and non-blockchain systems without middleman

Distributed ID Management

Blockchain for collaborators to securely share client KYC information with client consent

AI and Blockchain System

Blockchain as data collection platform providing data for machine learning processing

Supply Chain Blockchain

Blockchain connecting supply chain stakeholders to enhance transparency and efficiency

NFT (Non-fungible Token)

Platform for minting and trading tokens of digital and physical assets

Property Sales Processing Blockchain

Platform connecting developers, buyers, solicitors, and mortgage lenders for fast sales processing with high transparency

Multiple Cell TEE

Microprocessor architecture providing secluded and protected environment for safe software execution

Blockchain white paper and projects with HKMA

  1. Published 2 DLT whitepapers
  2. Completed 3 DLT projects for industry references


ASTRI design collaborates with industries to design blockchain solutions that deal with the pain points, enhance transparency, reliability, process efficiency.

Our customers include companies in various industries including Insurance, property development & sales, qualification certification, mass transportation, supply chain, investor relation management.

For any inquiries or feedback on using our products in your organisation, please reach out to us here. Thank you!