Smart Virtual Agent

AI Chatbot

ASTRI’s speech recognition incorporates the researches in speech-to-text in Cantonese mixed with English, speaker diarization, voiceprint verification and indexing to address the challenges of information retrieval from a large quantity of audio.

Supports both real time and offline transcribing

Supports both real time and offline transcribing

Cantonese / English mixed

Putonghua / English mixed

Accuracy 85+% in specific domain

Emotion detection

Audio indexing

ASTRI’s AI Agent support customizable chatbots through innovations in leveraging deep learning, semantic analytics, and speech recognition & generation with NLP.  It is proven effective in enhancing operational efficiency and improving customer experience by accurately addressing over 80% of customer enquiries and transcription needs in mixed language environments.


The AI Chatbot with speech-to-text capabilities understands Hong Kong’s local mix of Cantonese, English, as well as professional terms, industrial jargons and slangs. The innovation also includes the followings:

ASTRI’s NLP for analysing enquiries that are not supported by prior data training or any existing keywords database. We help to build Domain-specific database management platform for non-IT users to build and customise client-specific knowledgebase. NLP can parse Chinese sentences and understand the contextual meanings.

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