Cyber-crime is a well known issue which every country’s law enforcement department wants to solve and take action, but unfortunately there is no such a system to analyze cyber-crime threat intelligence, as well as prediction, monitoring and warning. ASTRI’s Hong Kong HoneyNet Platform provides a whole proactive system including data capturing and data preprocessing, threat analysis, threat prediction, monitoring and warning units, to prevent the cyber-crime before it happens in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong as a global finical centre, we have lots of FinTech to improve the productivity and reduce the cost. But on top of this ecosystem, cyber security must be well defined to provide a stable and secure and trusted environment for the finance ecosystem grow, to protect the reputation of Hong Kong.

ASTRI’s Hong Kong HoneyNet Platform is the solution of next Gen CyberSecTech, as through our system, any pre-cyber-crime activities of international hackers is monitored and predicted and there will no place for them to hide. ASTRI’s solution is different with the current products on the markets which just focus on detection and response, firms are able to block and prevent the loss of money, time or even trust way before the cyber-crime happen.

ASTRI & HK Police Force Joint Press Conference

Social Impacts

Hong Kong law enforcement department, Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), has the responsibility to protect the society away from cyber-crime. HKPF tried ASTRI’s Hong Kong HoneyNet Platform for over a year and do have great success and had a Joint Press Conference (8th December 2022) to present some results. Based on the cyber-crime threat intelligence analyzed by ASTRI’s system, HKPF had taken anti-cyber-crime action and on-site visited to small or medium-sized enterprises and individuals, taken down malware in infected computers, as well as notify Internet Services Providers (ISPs) to block bad IP. We concluded that no matter you are big firms, small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or even individual home use, you have equal treatment by the hackers


Our Platform solution is one of the winners of the Golden Medal award at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, April 2023

Our Platform solution is the winners of the Excellence award at the 2023 Business GOVirtual Tech Award, July 2023

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