Artificial Intelligence ESG Analytic System


ASTRI’s AIESG engine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to extract ESG KPIs across diversified ESG reports and related documents and generate companies’ ESG profiles, sustainable contributions, and industry benchmarks.
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The system can flexibly cope with diverse document formats. Afterwards, multi-dimensional information extraction and analysis are carried out according to the different distributions of data (table or text), while considering the context, semantic synonymous relationship, and similarity.
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ASTRI AIESG system leverage AI and NLP technologies to collects, analyse and extract key information from richly formatted unstructured ESG report/annual report to provide a comprehensive view of the ESG status to enhance improves operational efficiency and reduces manual inspection processes and non-compliance costs.


ASTRI ChatDoc system using Natural Language Processing(NLP) provides a domain-specific, on-premise ChatGPT-similar service to enable user to search documents, information and procedures by typing natural language queries and dialogue flexibly. User can verify the result by the reference link associated with the output.

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The system supports different data source via corresponding connector as input and then would be stored as vector representation via text embedding generator to vector database. Meanwhile, queries from user would be converted to vector representation. And the answer would be generated based on similarity measurement between the data in vector database and the queries in vector representation form.
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ASTRI ChatDoc, a privately owned on-premise solution, which leverage NLP technologies to support document or information searching associated with corresponding reference from various data type with high accuracy to enhance the overall efficiency in daily operation.

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