Decentralised NFT Platform​



ASTRI’s Decentralised NFT Platform is an end-to-end NFT-related platform solution, including blockchain, smart contracts, distributed storage, backend and frontend software. With ASTRI’s core technologies, we enable businesses to embrace the digital creator-economy of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and even Digital Assets.

On our platform, creators can proudly show case and price their using the Ethereum (or Ethereum-compatible) blockchain. This platform also provides a brand-new social network experience, in the world of Web 3.0, to the creators for building stronger connections with their supporters. Everyone in the world with a decentralised cryptowallet (e.g. MetaMask) can connect to our platform as Collectors to collect or trade NFTs. Only selected (or approved) accounts can create Collections and mint NFTs.


NFT’s detailed information that stored on both blockchain and distributed storage can be shown to potential collectors. Fixed price, open offer or auction types of trading can be supported by the platform.


Administration dashboard allows platform owner or operators to easily monitor and manage the platform.


Supported Features

Our Team

With a team of highly capable and experienced engineers and researchers, we provide cutting-edge solutions in blockchains, smart contracts and metaverse, from fast prototyping,  MVP to production-level. 


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