Dark Web Intelligence Pool

We have completed a project called “Dark Web Intelligence Pool”. Dark Web is a layer in World Wide Web that require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. Due to its anonymous nature, it is prone to become hotbed for crimes. To provide safe and secure environment for using Dark Web, we have developed technology to securely crawl the content and store them into encrypted database so that the dark web intelligence can be securely utilized and analyzed.
Due to its anonymous nature, the dark web can contain illegal information such as credit card information, private data, drug, fraud, counterfeit information etc. To surf the dark web by public is not secure as hacker is awaiting your entrance. We have developed technology to search on the dark web and store the content in an encrypted database for selective searching by end user. If your organization would like to explore further on the opportunity of the dark web intelligence, you are welcome to talk with us and collaborate to enhance cyber security of your organization.

For any inquiries or feedback on using our products in your organisation, please reach out to us here. Thank you!